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KultURGeister - Umbrella Organisation for Traditional Paganism

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KultURgeister - Umbrella Organisation for Traditional Paganism

The founding phase of our umbrella organisation is over, and we have found a name – we are ‚ÄěKultURgeister e.V.“ (which translates as ‚Äěculture spirits“, the syllable UR means ancient as well as primordial).

On the annual board meeting on March 24, 2002 in Butzbach, Germany, Volkert Volkmann, Yggdrasil Circle, was elected chairman, other board members were re-elected. After the hot phase of discussion following the very first meeting on January 12, it is definite that no satanic groups may become members of the umbrella organisation. Some groups who wanted to join during the founding phase from January 12, 2002, but could not relate to the arguments of most pagan communities against the satanic groups, have left the organisation: ”We agree about our goals, but not about the way leading to their fulfilment“, Holger Funke, old and new board member, said. ”The group in question introduced itself with a completely unacceptable brochure and most of the other member groups do not want them to join. The field of Satanism is a broad one, and it will of course be among the tasks of the umbrella organisation to clarify terms and contents“, concludes the old and new press spokes woman, Andrea Groh, about the conflict. “The content of the named brochure stands in strong contrast to our belief statements in the preamble “

(Excerpt): “We believe in the inherent soul in all of nature. The godly principle, the all-creating powers, are mirrored in every star, every plant, animal and human being.“

The organization Kulturgeister clearly distances itself from racist, neo-nazi, fascistic and satanic groups and cults based on fantasy and fiction. This prompted two other groups to join us: the OBOD (Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids) which was re-founded 300 years ago in Great Britain. The OBOD safeguards the continuity of the druidic teachings and performs public religious festivals and rituals in sacred places such as Stonehenge. Seed groups of OBOD have existed in Germany for many years and a first Druidiacta (chair) was established in Germany.

Further founding members of the umbrella organisation can be found by clicking on their names under the button “Mitglieder”.

Among the most important goals of the umbrella organisation is to show the value of our old religion, what it means to worship Mother Earth in our modern society. We want to continue honouring our ancestors, because only those who include the past generations in their way of thinking and living will think about those yet to come.

To live the old religion today means to support ecological, organic farming and bio-regionalism. The protection of nature is the protection of people.

Another important goal is the conservation and revival of ancient sacred places; the umbrella organisation will also function as a contact for institutions, media and interested people who seek contact to local pagan communities.

Contact: Andrea Groh
Press Spokeswoman



We believe in the inherent soul of all nature. The godly powers, the all-creating spirits, are mirrored in every single star, in every stone, plant, animal and human being.

We believe, depending on the tradition, in different forms of the continuity of the soul and in reincarnation. We live in harmony with nature and her cosmic cycles. The festivals of the year’s cycle are our most important holidays. In ritual, prayer, music and dance we connect to every new phase of this cycle. We honour our ancestors and the Goddesses and Gods.

Our most important festivals are:

The four Quarters/Sun Festivals (Germanic tradition):

  • Autumn Equinox
  • Winter Solstice
  • Spring Equinox
  • Summer Solstice

The four Cross-Quarters/Moon Festivals (Celtic tradition):

  • Imbolc
  • Beltane
  • Lughnasad
  • Samhain

We celebrate Goddess/God-, ancestor-, clan- and family holidays.

We celebrate personal initiation rituals like the Taufr, the Festival of First Fruits, Hand-fastings etc.


Our goals

  • To represent and promote our European Paganism in its different traditions in public.
  • The legal acknowledgement of pagan groups in Germany and Europe as religious communities.
  • We clearly distance ourselves from totalitarian and racist ideologies and so-called satanic, and fictive ‚Äěcults“.
  • To support the protection of nature and our environment, to promote organic farming and bio-regionalism.
  • To protect ancient cultural assets and lore, to revive and cultivate folklore, old customs and handicrafts.
  • To protect and revive sacred places.
  • To be contact for institutions and media with the goal of contributing to better information and understanding of the old religion, so that defamations may finally belong to the past.
  • To be contact for pagan groups in Germany and Europe.
  • To assist with connecting local groups and individuals and to help newly forming groups.